🐲 The BOOKDRAGON Chronicles 🐲 Dying Games by Steve Robins Spoiler Review 📚

Hello and welcome back, BOOKDRAGONS! I’m hoping you had a wonderful October full of pumpkin everything and good books. I myself had a great time, exploring new places and coming back to old ones that you will see soon. Unfortunately, my book experience hasn’t been so fortunate. I got myself a free 3 months of Kindle Unlimited and decided to pick up Dying Games by Steve Robinson. In the following lines, I am going to share with you my thoughts on this particular book.

Dying Games tells the story of Jefferson Tayte – a genealogist who helps the police in Washington DC investigating a series of murders who all seem to be somehow related to his previous clients. All the murders are different because they all replicate a death that already occurred in the victim’s family. Tayte’s clients start to fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones since they seemed to be the target. The genealogist has to figure out a lot of clues and riddles the killer, who everyone calls The Genie, leaves for him.

Of course, since the main character is a genealogist, genealogy is a pivotal theme in the book. There is a lot of talk about family trees and different genealogical systems. There is not a lot of difficult terminologies but that doesn’t make it any less boring. The manner of the murders and the genealogical idea behind them was interesting at first but then it grew old very fast.

The main character was well developed yet seemed a little boring to me. He talks and acts as if he is completely alone in the world, socially isolated and not keen on making meaningful connections with people. In the same time, however, he is supposedly in love and to be married to a wonderful woman and he meets agent Mavero, with whom he quickly develops a friendship. All of that seems very contradictive to me.

I didn’t find the suspense that great either. Since both times Tayte was in dangerous situations we knew these were coming, there wasn’t much of a thrill. To add more, I didn’t completely understand the reason behind the murders, which is another minus for me.

I wasn’t paying much attention when I acquired the book so I didn’t realize it was part of a series. Knowing that some of the things make much more sense. For example, I didn’t like how in the middle of the book Tayte went back to London and the whole Washington murders and Mavro storyline ended very quickly. I felt like the friendship between them was building up and we had the nice hero and sidekick dynamic going and then all of sudden – time jump, six months later, England and no Mavro. As a sidekick, we got Tayte’s distant new brother Rudy, who by the way was the only thing I liked 100% in this book. He was smart, funny and could have easily solved the case without Jefferson, which is in fact what happened. That kind of switch, though, didn’t feel good but as that is the sixth book of the series, it is more understandable.

I listened to the audio version while cleaning or walking, so I found it ok for filling in the time. Plus it is very easy to follow the action, so I didn’t have to go back a lot. For all of those reason’s, I am giving this book 2 DRAGONS.

Will I give the author another chance and go back to the beginning of the series – I am not sure. I read a lot of the comments and it seems that this book was the bad one of otherwise interesting book series, so maybe when I’m looking for something to listen to while multitasking, I’ll look for Steve Robins.

I hope I gave a useful review and if you, like me, multitask and don’t have the time to sit down and read my thoughts, you can do what I do and check the video –

Keep on reading!



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